Acquisition of Eiger TechSystems

November 2022

VAI Acquisition of EIGER TechSystems

Dear Valued Customer,

Today, we announce exciting news: Virginkar & Associates has completed its acquisition of Eiger Techsystems. This combination creates an organization even better able to serve customers and compete.

Eiger Techsystems

Introduction of EIGER TechSystems (EIGER)

EIGER, founded in 1993 in California, provides engineering consulting services specializing in the fields of intelligent transportation systems (ITS), communication networks, and information systems. EIGER has a consistently successful history of supporting federal, state, and local government agencies.

EIGER is the leader in providing expert support for the implementation of SmartBus systems and intelligent transportation systems in the Los Angeles area. Eiger’s staff members have extensive conceptual design and system architecture expertise; complemented by hands on hardware and software design, fabrication, software development, system assurance, and testing experience.

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Acquisition of Eiger TechSystems

Virginkar & Associates, Inc. acquired Eiger TechSystems in November 2022.

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